• Near load centre or even near to load.
  • Low as transformer is near to load. Also cable drop is reduced.
  • Negligible smoke generation.
  • Suitable for indoor use as no fire risk.
  • Can be fitted outdoor in IP 45 enclosure.

    Tirupati Transformer is a leading Cast resin dry type transformer Manufacturer in India. In cast resin dry type transformers, the complete encapsulation of primary and secondary winding in epoxy resin prevents penetration of moisture into windings. The cast resin offers very good protection against adverse ambient conditions. These transformers can work without disruption of service at 100 % humidity. We offer dry type transformer with confirmation as per IS 11171 / IEC 60726.

    For dry-type transformers there are two types of cooling methods:

    • Air Natural (AN)
    • Air Forced (AF)

    The main features of insulation are to provide dielectric strength and to be
    able to withstand certain thermal limits.
    The insulation class could be F or H.

    • 180° C for class H insulation
    • 155° for class F insulation

  • Fittings and Accessories

    • V Cable Box
    • Under carriage with four bi-directional Rollers
    • Lifting lugs for complete Transformer
    • Hinged windows for inspection of core and windings
    • LV cable box with bus bar or bus duct
    • Earthing terminals
    • Enclosure with panels
    • Separate neutral bushing on LV side
    • Off circuit tap links
    • Rating diagram plate
    • Canopy

    Optional Fittings

    • Forced cooling arrangement
    • Marshalling box with control wiring
    • Neutral current Transformer
    • On load tap changer with RTCC panel and AVR.


    Brand Tirupati Transformers
    RATINGS Upto 3 MVA
    Voltage class Upto 33 KV
    Applicable Standards IS 11171, IEC60726
    Duty Type Outdoor/Indoor,

    Ground Mounted Type & Pole Mounted Type

    No of Phases Three Phase
    Frequency 50 HZ
    Vector Group Drn11
    Winding material Copper / Aluminium
    Tap Changer Off circuit or On load Tap Changers as per customer spec.
    Class of Insulation F, H class as required and Class A
    Insulation Material Nomex, Silicon Varnish, Fiber Glass, Glass Epoxy
    Temperature Rise 650 C to 1150 C above ambient temperature of 500C by resistance method or as per customer’s requirement
    Enclosure Painting Powder Coated with RAL 7032 shade as per customer requirement.

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