Compact Substation Manufacturers Delhi NCR

  • Design conforms to IEC 62271-202 standards,
  • Meets IP53/IP23 degree of protection
  • Low power loss and low noise transformer,
  • Number of feeders for LV can be customer specific,
  • Easy to install

    A Compact substation is complete equipment defined by Power/voltage with three compartments: MV switchgear, transformer and LV distribution board.

    Tirupati transformers are leading innovative transformer manufacturing company in India which use advanced technology to manufacture various types of transformers according to the needs and demands of their customers.

    A distribution substation transfers power from the transmission system to the distribution system of an area. It is uneconomical to directly connect electricity consumers to the main transmission network, unless they use large amounts of power, so the distribution station reduces voltage to a level suitable for local distribution.

    The substation is a compact enclosure consisting of MV switchgear, a transformer and an LV switchboard located in three separate compartments which are segregated from each other by means of partitions in order to ensure personnel safety. Accessibility to operate or maintain the equipment is through lockable doors provided for each compartment to maximize security. Assembly of the complete substation is factory ready to minimize site installation time and cost. All equipment is of high quality and tested as a complete unit.

    We are one of the top-notch and largest compact substation manufacturers in Delhi Ncr, India


    • Best quality products at nominal prices.
    • Strong and well equipped.
    • Design conforms to IEC 62271-202 standards,
    • The compartmentalized construction prevents accidental entry to energized areas,
    • Meets IP53/IP23 degree of protection,
    • Designed to withstand electrical impulses, thermal and dynamic stresses,
    • Low power loss and low noise transformer,
    • Number of feeders for LV can be customer specific,
    • Easy to install
    • Delivery ready for commissioning,
    • Modern manufacturing techniques ensure cost effectiveness, reliability and long trouble free performance.
    • It is customized according to customer’s need.

    In MV Switchgear,

    • Free standing SF6 RMU
    • Upto 12 KV, 630A ring switches, 250 A Tee – off CB,
    • SF6 insulated ring switch with vacuum circuit breaker,
    • Protection with TLF( Time Limit Fuse) or self/auxiliary powered relay,
    • Fully interlocked protection with padlocking facilities,
    • Single line mimic diagram for simple and safe operation,
    • Voltage presence & earth fault indicators.


    • Wide range of transformers upto 2500,
    • Highly energy efficient minimising losses,
    • Dry or sealed type,
    • Plug-in bushings,
    • Off-load tap changer,
    • Winding temperature and oil monitoring relay.

    In LV Switchboard,

    • Feed using solid bus bars direct from transformers,
    • Circuit switching using moulded case circuit breakers protection (MCCB),
    • MCCB type of incomer upto 2000 A, 50 HZ,
    • MCCB type of outgoing feeders upto 800, 50 KA,
    • Feeder terminals suitable for both Cµ/AI,
    • Current transformers for power metering.


    • Manufactured from 2 to 3 mm hot – dipped zinc coated mild steel,
    • Finished with electrostatic polyester powder paint,
    • RAL 7032 standard paint finish,
    • Compartment doors with natural ventilation,
    • Double skin roof to minimise heating by solar radiation,
    • Lockable compartment doors,
    • Lifting by forklift or crane possible,
    • IP34D for HV & LV compartment,
    • IP22D for transformer compartment,
    • Suitable for outdoor installation.


    Type of Ventilation Natural
    Degree of standard protection MV & LV Compartments IP54
    Transformer Compartment IP34
    Rated enclosure class 10
    Rated Voltage (KV) 12
    Rated Insulation Level KV rms, 50 Hz 1 min 28
    KV impulse, 1.2/50µs 75
    Rated Frequency (Hz) 50

    Switch connection  MV network

    Rated Current (A) 400 or 630
    Maximum allowable impulse current withstand kA rms – 1s 12.5 to 25
    kA peak 31.5 to 62.5

    Transformer protected by fuse- switch or circuit breaker

    Rated Current (A) 200
    Breaking capacity (A) Transformer off-load 16
    Cable off- load 30
    Short- circuit breaking capacity (kA rms) Fuse switch 12.5 to 25
    Circuit breaker 12.5 to 25
    Making Capacity (kA peak) Fuse switch 31.5 to 62.5
    Circuit Breaker 31.5  to 50


    Rated Power (KVA) 100 to 2500
    Rated secondary voltage (V) 220 to 440
    Vector Group Dyn
    Tapping Range (%) ±2.5 or ±5 or ±2.5/±5

    Low Voltage System

    LV switchboard is either:

    1. Fitted with a fuse protected shielded feeder pillar comprising:
      • 400 to 2500 A rated main incomer (switch or circuit breaker),
      • 125 to 800 A rated fuse protected feeders (4-10),
    2. Fitted with a 250 to 2000 A rated compact type main circuit breaker and,
      • 60 to 800 A circuit breaker feeders.
    Compliance with standards IEC 439-1: BS EN 60439 part 1; IEC 947-1 and 947-2
    Metering devices Yes (optional)

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