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Servo Voltage Stabilizer
  • Best raw material used to design.
  • Less Installation cost.
  • Life expectancy is high.

    Tirupati Transformer Pvt Ltd is a top notch Servo Voltage Stabilizer manufacturer in Greater Noida, India. Our Servo Stabilizers are fabricated by utilizing quality guaranteed raw material. Subsequently, we are generally recognized in the market for our high calibre. We are dedicatedly engaged to provide a cluster of fantastic quality of Servo Voltage Stabilizers. We are a leading brand in Servo Voltage Stabilizer suppliers of Delhi, NCR.  We assure our customers by providing exquisite services and high efficiency. Tirupati Transformers frame compact products which are easy to operate and are not affected by fluctuations. Most importantly, our services are always available to maintain the efficiency and protection of our products. We offer single and three phase servo stabilizers to enhance our experience along with the best results for our clientele. Tirupati transformer endeavours to settle every issue of subscriber which make them gratified with our products and services. We manufacture branded products with the use of quality raw materials and with the latest technology that expand its performance and efficiency. At the time of designing we follow all standard norms and customize our products according to the requirement of the customer. Our principle is not to compromise with quality, so we have hired an experienced professional who is dedicated to meeting organizational goals by splendid performance.

    We introduce servo voltage stabilizer with different properties. Our products consume less energy which is not harmful for the environment. This product will improve the power factor and MDI and also help to greatly minimize the chances of fires due to accidents.


    • Energy consumption is least.
    • Reduce the possibility of fire due to accidents.
    • Use quality raw material with latest technology.
    • Performance is incredible and high efficiency.


    Brand TIRUTECH
    Phase Single/Three Phase
    Voltage 160-260v Ac
    Rated Bus Bar Current 630, 1250, 1600, 2000,2500,


    Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
    Input Voltage 7 To 13 KV

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